Show Exhibitors

We mail out to residences over 20,000 magazines (the last show was 29,500). The more we mail, the better the coverage area and the lower cost per advertisement.

Our magazine is full color printed on glossy paper. It is mailed two weeks prior to our shows to be coordinated with the other advertising for the show.

Keep in mind we are planning on printing and mailing a magazine for each show we do. 

Great advertising. 

Time to think about being in our next show magazine. We have a special discount program for exhibitors in our shows!

Generate excitement

Over 20,000 Magazines will be direct mailed for our next show.



Show Promoters

Get your show listed!

Listing your show dates, location and contact information will help increase the number of vendors that will call you about being in your show, AND it will make the general public more aware of your show.

You also can place a display ad for your show!