Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks to the response we received we decided to keep the booth prices  where they are!


  1. Show times. All of our shows run from 10 AM to 5:00 PM on Saturday and 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM on Sunday. Except at the Mall we fit into the mall hours.
  2. Setup times. Setup can be on Friday from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM or prior to the show opening on Saturday between 8:00 and 9:30 AM. Things will be very hectic on Saturday AM so we advise you to set up on Friday if possible.
  3. Multiple booth spaces. Yes, you can get as many booth spaces as you need. Most of our spaces are 10 x 10. Some are larger depending on building structure.
  4. Pricing is the 1st 10 x 10 booth space is $100 additional spaces are $50.
  5. Need bulk space. We can discount the space rate for multiple booths. Talk to me.
  6. Do you take credit cards for booth payment? Yes but only over the telephone or in the office, please do not email them.
  7. Tables. You can bring your own tables and chairs if you wish. Tables are $5.00 per table. Chairs are free. (But the chairs are metal folding chairs...I bring my own:) 
  8. Holding Spaces - I have had an exhibitor upset about booth space. Many home based businesses only want one of their type of business. I will attempt to do my best. BUT this has to be a first come first served show. If you want to be in the show don't just tell me. I need to get your contract and payment.
  9. Are there any lodging specials? Yes, check our lodging page.
  10. Do I need to give you any swag? No. Hand it out in your booth so you make contact with your customers.
  11. Do I need to bring Donuts and Cookies? No. We have food vendors that handle the food. You're busy enough with your own booth.
  12. Can I put an ad in the Show Magazine? YES.  Think about our next show magazine.
  13. Upcoming Shows - Yes, we have expanded the shows for this year. Besides the two shows at the Miners Memorial Building in Virginia we have a show in Grand Rapids at the IRA Civic Center and a Christmas show at the Thunderbird Mall. AND we are also producing  our Second Annual bridal show. Check the dates at the intro page!
  14. Thanks everybody! and stay tuned